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Webflow SSL Hosting

+1 on SSL support, now that Google will be making sites with https a ranking factor!


+1 on this. It’s a huge deal and the CloudFlare workaround is super clunky as it undoes the optimizations that we get from the awesome Amazon CDN + Fastly combo the Webflow team offers.

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+1 we need SSL on our site, it give our clients peace of mind


+1 on having the ability to add SSLs on top of the hosting!! Super keen to add it to multiple sites!


+1 on having the ability to add SSLs on top of the hosting!! Super keen to add it to multiple sites!


Hi @SN123 and everyone reading this. The Cloudflare solution is just a “smoke and mirrors” solution that doesn’t actually/truly secure your connection end to end, it just makes your end users feel like it’s secure because the connection from their computer to Cloudflare is encrypted but then from Cloudflare to your site is in the clear. Please don’t do this if your using customer data or credit cards as it’s false security.

Sorry @SN123 didn’t mean to put your solution down, just wanted to highlight to people that want to use it for securing data who don’t completely understand how it’s achieved that this method, while appearing secure actually isn’t.

check Webflow reply here:

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Hey Webflow Support,

I have been investigating this HTTPS issue, I ran an SSLLabs test and * is secure. Even though the url presented to the public when using the domain is NOT https, is all traffic going to and from actually secure?

test ran here:

Hi @chiefmonkey, all sites that are published in Webflow are using http, so the front facing public content is not secured using https.

Cloudflare only adds the https to the url, but content between Webflow and Cloudflare is still using http, so you are right, it is not a true secure solution from end to end, that will come when SSL support is introduced.

All information that is transmitted in a Webflow form submission is encrypted with SSL behind the scenes and form data submissions are secure, even though an http front facing url is used.

I hope this helps.

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Ok great thanks for the reply, had a look at a workaround and you could tell me if this is a viable solution until such a time as you support SSL certificates.

I changed my internal webflow site url to HTTPS which seemed to be happy, so I made:


and I got the green tick… so to me that means that by default your presenting the * domain in the clear but also you accept the SSL version too? So any page that requires HTTPS could be redirected to the internal webflow domain to use SSL for adding a shopping cart or buy now button for instance? You agree?

Hi @chiefmonkey, when I was talking about cloudflare, I was referring to when you are using your own custom domain. If you try to use a custom domain with https, you will likely get the browser warning about the certificate.

I will need to check if there is any issue to use https with the webflow subdomain, but that will probably work fine. I think there was a recent update to allow https or http on the webflow subdomain. I will check this and get back to you :smile:

Could you expand a bit on that you mean by “redirected to the internal webflow domain to use ssl”. How do you envision the redirect in this case? From what would you be redirecting?

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Hi @cyberdave

ah cool thanks for that, yes let us know if using the subdomain for SSL traffic is ok by you guys.

By redirect I mean if you have a buy now button, then that could just link to HTTPS:// for your shopping cart or embeded pay button that requires full end-to-end encryption.

Hi @chiefmonkey, I am not sure if that would be a workable solution or not, but I will check it out with the Engineering team and get back to you :slight_smile:

@cyberdave, as a paying Webflow customer, I want to thank you for taking the time to respond to individuals on the forum. Webflow’s support is the #1 thing keeping us on the platform.


+1 webflow hosting is good but with SSL it would be awesome


+1 Many of our customers accept payments online and like to see that trusted cert.


I would move from cloudflare to webflow’s own SSL solution in a heartbeat, aslong as it’s priced reasonably.

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Is SSL on top of the hosting in the product roadmap?

Here’s another vote for it. Important for rankings.

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Hi all,

We’re working on a SSL solution for all users that host with us - stay tuned!!


Cool news, @brryant. Has any of this been impacted by the AWS Cert Manager announcement?

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Thought their announcement is cool, it does not enable a way to programmatically add domain names to the SSL cert:

We’re cooking up something that will enable us to add SSL scalably for all of our custom domains.