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Webflow software is only online, not offline

Webflow is an impressive software that you have. I am a new customer and hasn’t started creating a website yet.

I do not realized that it is only way for me to create a website online without any saving files on my computer. That is the problem. Unfortunately, I could not use the CMS if it is offline.

By the way, what is CMS stands for?

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That is correct. Webflow is an online-only tool.

Not just the CMS, but the entirety of Webflow’s services are online-only.

CMS stands for Content Management System, where you can add collections like a blog post collection, which allow you to create and manage many of those items (blog posts) using a form-like interface, without having to write a single line of code.

In Webflow, there are two main components currently - the Designer View, and the Editor View.

Designer view is only restricted to the account holder, or team members. This is where you create the look and feel of the website, and also give you access to create a collection and manage the items in the collection.

Editor view is where the account holder grants access to another user, solely for managing the content of the pages and also collection items. The Editor view does not allow the editor user to modify the site design, change the site settings, add/remove/edit collections.

Longer answer:


Thank you for explaining to me about the Webflow & CMS. I will consider to use your online service.

Beside, your company provides online tool for the customers which is unusual to me. It would be so nice that Webflow is the app because of the offline for that reason. I think that Webflow is the best software that I have ever seen on your demo.

I read a few posts on the forum about the pricing and some of them said that the prices are twisted or tricky. But, I am not following the whole story. This is what I am worried about the twisted prices that would make me stop using it because it is online tool.

If Webflow were offline, it wouldn’t be what makes it great and what it is today. Plus you wouldn’t have most of the important features like CMS, backups, and instant bug fixes (you are always using the latest version of Webflow).

This has been discussed many times here.

The only reason why a small number of users are calling the pricing twisted, is because when Webflow launches an optional feature, or technically difficult to develop and maintain (for example, CMS), they announce the upgrade pricing for the optional feature. Users just want all new (and even optional) features to be free or included with their existing plan, yet they fail to see the full picture of additional development, maintenance, and hosting costs for these features that Webflow has to bear.

Let me give you a simple analogy. You are paying me rent every month for use of my house. This month, I announce that I will be installing a deluxe jacuzzi in the bathroom. You can use it, but every time you use it, it will cost you additional $10 to fill it up with water, and $5 to warm that water using electricity and operate the water jets. Yes, it comes with the house so you are free to CHOOSE whether you want to use it or not, but using it will increase your utility bill. Do you complain that usage of the jacuzzi shouldn’t come with extra costs? If yes, why? You are the one enjoying the additional optional benefits, should you choose to use it.

I believe in Webflow too, that’s why I am here to help (I am not an employee or working for Webflow). It has reduced my development time, and yet I am still able to produce high quality (AND mobile responsive!) layouts like these:

Do let us know on these forums if you ever have trouble with using Webflow, or have any design issues you may face. Have fun!


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