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Webflow Slack Channel

I think it would be cool if Webflow set-up a Slack Channel to act as a Giant group chat for all Webflow users with different channels. :slight_smile:


@samliew has created a Slack channel.

Join us with this link


That would be a great idea :slight_smile:

But how would they separate the channels? Country?

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That’s as far as I got with the idea :slight_smile:
I suppose location or topic!

Topic would work out :stuck_out_tongue:
But keep in mind that Slack isn’t free :pensive:

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Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, the Webflow team is already looking into it. I don’t have the timeline, but we love Slack also and would love to see an integration that works and is beneficial.



Oh, that’s great @cyberdave! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Excited as always for the future of Webflow.

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Just thought about this too! I think it would be great and would speed up the feedback loop! Please just create one here:

I’ve started a free chat here

Join immediately with this link


@samliew Thanks for creating this, until an in house integration exists this is great! Nice :raised_hands::tada::ok_hand:t3:

For what it is worth, I have watched the Craft CMS Slack explode over the last six months as there seems to be a mass exodus of Wordpress users flocking to it as they look for alternatives to WP (that’s how I ended up there). In my observation, in addition to being able to exchange information and get answers for anything related to all things Craft related (you can set channels just like this forum’s categories), it also helps build community and promote the product. By that I mean many Craft Slack users are on many other Web Design/Dev related Slacks, so the word spreads quick about the product. Granted, Craft does not have a built-in a community forum like this, but there’s a fair amount of folks on the Craft CMS Stack Exchange as well. I’m not mentioning Craft because I think it is better, I’m just illustrating that another popular CMS alternative to Wordpress is utilizing Slack to its advantage. I’m personally blown away by Webflow and am rapidly becoming a convert! It would be great to see the Webflow Slack take off. Cheers

Interesting feedback @matt.bryant

Paging :iphone: Webflow Community Manager @anais for her future thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fyi, for anyone who happens to be in the FEDs Slack group (Front End Developers), they’ve added a #webflow channel. The main Slack profile with join button is here


Link is not working please update the link and post

@samliew Hey, can someone send the active slack link?

Invite link doesn’t seem to be working.
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Join the Discord group instead. We moved there

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt !
I can’t join your slack workspace. It seems your invite link has stopped.
Would you like to check the link, please?
Or would you like to invite me, kindly?