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Webflow site URL redirects with space between (+)

Hi Guys/Girls,

Have switched to our new web flow site, and was trying to follow the instruction on and found that thewebflow url redirect doest support space between words, or maybe i am not informed enough. If somebody can guide me through, that would be a great help.

Eg- /About+Us.html to /about-us.html

Thanking in advance.

Warm Regards

Hi @zeb, yep, currently the + symbol is not allowed, so we can look at this and see about adding this support. In the meantime, can you try this:


And put that in old path, and use the same target page as you had before and see if that works for you?

Just curious, could you paste your full old link to your old page for us?

Cheers !

Thanks Cyberdave,

I think is a good idea to add + support, as the %20 doesn’t work while using the site direct function.

The page link that has been lost is
Ideally redirected to our home page -

Please let me know when the + support will be added, because there will be a lot of people who will be having similar issues in near future. And given that webflow is such an awesome platform to build websites, i believe that will be a welcome addition.


Just added support for the + character in the redirect path. Let me know if that works for you!

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Thanks mate. Now i could input the ‘+’ value but the redirect doesn’t work. Any clue?

Hi @zeb, can you share the url that is not redirecting? Thanks ! Dave

@cyberdave is not redirecting to our services page

Hrm looks like it’s not redirecting properly. We’ll look into it and get back to you shortly!

Thanks mate! Will wait for the fix.

Unfortunately what I thought could have been a quick fix isn’t… I’ll keep working on finding a solution but in the meantime please make sure you have a proper 404 page set up. thanks!

No problem, thanks for your effort, you guys are doing a great job and have an amazing product! Let me know when it is fixed.

Hi guys, any update upon this issue?