Webflow site setup for multiple contributors

I’m looking for help or guidance with setting up a website with multiple contributors who are working on multiple projects with different timelines. What is the best practice for setting up a staging environment in Webflow and is there a way to copy entire pages from project to project.

Here is the use case I have. Let’s say I have a marketing website with a blog, some services pages, and a careers page. And let’s say I have 2 projects being worked on — a blog redesign and updates to the careers page. The blog redesign is a more intensive visual redesign and will take a week to complete, then another week to get necessary approvals and design tweaks. In the middle of that project, I have some careers page updates that I need to make within the day. What is the best way to set up a site so that I work on both without prematurely pushing out blog redesign updates?

The way I’ve been doing it is to duplicate the site, set the duplicate as a sandbox. Make changes in sandbox, then copy and paste elements from the sandbox to the primary site and push it live. It’s rather laborious and I’m wondering, is there is a better way of doing this?