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Webflow site being blocked by F-Secure

Our site cannot be viewed by people using F-Secure, a quite large anti-virus/malware company.

Some other sites do work fine (aren’t blocked) - f.e.

We only have 2 extra scripts running:

  • (chat-box)
  • Uploadcare (file-upload » which we have currently removed to try if this helps)
  • And we have search-beta enabled on the site which is blocked by F-secure - the working site does not

Anybody any feedback or perhaps similar problems with Webflow and F-Secure?

Update: our website now does show up on mobile devices, connected to a F-Secure secured network. Strangely enough, desktop browsers still get blocked.

As far as i can tell, with search-beta and chatra, the site gets presented correctly now, although be it only on mobile devices. It should be safe, and hopefully this is just a strange exception from F-Secure.

Will keep updating this post about F-Secure if there is news.

Update: This has been resolved - more than a week ago! Sorry for the late update.
So if your sites gets blocked, go to the f-secure website and request/send a fix/problem and hopefully your sites works again after a couple of days.

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