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Webflow showcase site appears in google search but not the real site

We just published a new site All looked good on SEO until a few days ago the site doesn’t show up anymore on searches but instead, the webflow showcase page took the spot.
Any idea why? does the webflow showcase site conflict with the real site?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Awake,
for me, even the showcased site is not showing in my search results. But your site is definitely indexed by google as you can see if you search for on Google.

I am searching from Germany so maybe google didn’t show me a italian site for a good reason. (Maybe not relevant to me)

I checked the search results with a italian von, and la vòla your site is there. (The official one not the showcased one)

Did you try searching from another device?

Do you use Googles Webmaster Tools for “Google Optimisation”…


Did you deactivate the indexation of the subdomain in the project setting/SEO ?