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Webflow + Shopify Domain Issue

Hey there Webflow community!

I’m building a Webflow site integrated with Shopify’s buy button. The reason for this is Oberlo’s integration with Shopify, since my client wants to use a dropshipping business model.

Since they want a customer area, I intend to leverage Shopify’s build in funcionality. The register and login pages direct to Shopify’s customer area tool. I’ve “hidden” the rest of the Shopify site, placing links so the user can go back to the actual store built in Webflow.

I’d like to know how I could make Webflow ( and Shopify(i.e use the same domain or if I should use another domain for Shopify customer area structure.

Here’s a public link to the website:

Thanks in advance! :pray:

In case anyone bumps into this, the solution is to add a subdomain to Shopify.

Step 1. Connect your domain to Webflow as you would normally (

Step 2. Create and connect a subdomain to Shopify (

That’s it. Changes usually take up to 24 hours to take effect, so don’t fret if it doesn’t go live immediately.
Cheers (: