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Webflow + Shopify - Can i add drop down menus?

I’d like to create an Ecommerce website using Webflow CMS + Shopify. I’ve watched tutorials online, and everything seems great. The only thing i can not figure out is how can i add a drop down menu that will work with Shopify?

Here is an example site someone made using Webflow + Shopify.

The site i’m creating is also a shoe / clothing website so it would be great if mine worked exactly the same. Does anybody know how this can be created using a similar drop down menu?


Hi, Im trying to do the same thing. Im coming from Shopify and I’m so excited to use Webflow but don’t yet know how to sync my products from shopify to Webflow. Hope someone answers your question.

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Hey Pkaiken i just figured it out actually. The current Webflow tutorial is a little out-to-date with the current Shopify dashboard. I can show you how i did it if you’d like. Would you prefer a video or some screen shots?

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