Webflow sending the same webhook multiple times

Hello, I am currently working on a project that uses Azure Function Apps to listen for webhooks sent by my website. My function listens to 3 types of events, Add, update, and delete an item from a specific collection after which it generates some items and uploads them to another collection. So there is a collection read-only and a collection write-only(In order to avoid a loop). My problem is that when I modify an item in the collection, a webhook is triggered(which is expected and desired) but after a few moments, sometimes 1-2 mins, the same webhook is triggered again but without any modification to be done. This happens for more than 6 times
Is there anyone that has any idea why this is happening? I want to mention that my function is returning an OkObjectResult , so there is no “lost ack” causing the retransmission of the webhook

My guess would be that Ack. What’s the HTTP response code you’re sending?

This does not sound like the right architecture.

You have a Webhook triggering on, what sounds like, a “collection item created” event. Is this correct?

That will trigger for ALL collections.

That triggers when you create an item, which in-turn you said then creates another item, in a different collection.

Doing this will trigger a second Webhook.

So if you create 3 items in your collection, your Webhook would be triggered 6 times.

Create CMS Item → Webhook → Create CMS Item → Webhook

I don’t know specifically what you’re doing, but that sounds wrong and what I’m assuming is your form of “replication” between database tables is causing this issue.