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Webflow seems very slow after the last upgrade

My designer is very slow and my webpage is mostly text lists. Is something going on. Started happening today after some update about larger screen sizes. Using Chrome.

@Jacobbrownacro are you experiencing this on the website as well as the designer? I tested your website and that’s loading as expected.

My post from yesterday is about the same problem and someone from the Webflow Staff already responded that they will look into the issue.

It’s in fact only the Designer and not the websites itself, so atleast something.

My post: Designer seems laggy?

Yes the designer seems laggy. I haven’t checked it yet today though. When I scroll up and down it refreshes around once a second.

I am experiencing the same problem with webflow for the last 48 hours. Webflow’s designer is moving extremely slow even with perfect internet connection.

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Same problem here. Fast pc, fast internet but slow Webflow Designer. Since the last update I believe.