Webflow Security issue due to outdated libraries

We are required to do security scan of website but unfortunately the new website we built in Webflow www.bloxley.com is failing as Webflow are using older libraries.

What can we do to update these, adding them in the header just causes them to load old and new.

Would be great if anyone has any tips here that could help!

Thanks in advance

You could export the site and swap out the tag, or use a reverse proxy to handle the replacement before the browser would download it.

With hosted Webflow projects you have to wait for Webflow to update jQuery on their end. Based on the age of jQuery it’s my guess that that may be awhile. As for core-js that is not a Webflow asset so that is up to you. If you don’t want the older version of webfontloader just localize the fonts to serve them up from assets. You get a performance boost with that one plus it helps with GDPR.

If you have a requirement to pass the security scan and are open to professional services feel free to reach out.