Webflow scripts not updating even after publishing

I’m working on a website https://joyous-new-website.webflow.io/ where I have custom code (both JavaScript and CSS) that is embedded directly through scripts. I’ve made several changes to these scripts—altering attributes, styles, etc.—and have hit the “Publish” button to make these changes live. However, when I visit the website and inspect the elements using browser dev tools, I still see the same old attributes and styles being applied. In other words, it appears as though the custom code has not updated, even after publishing.

There is no styling applied to joyousbot class, however in the source you can see the position: fixed overriding the existing styles. I had added this at one point but its long been removed from the script, however the effects still apply.

What I’ve Tried:

  1. Clearing Cache: The first thing I did was clear my browser cache, thinking that might be the issue. However, this didn’t resolve the problem.
  2. Checking Console for Errors: No errors or warnings are showing up in the console, which makes this even more perplexing.
  3. Different Browsers: I’ve checked the site on different browsers and even different devices. The issue persists across the board.
  4. Re-Publishing: Tried hitting the ‘Publish’ button multiple times, and even waited for a while before refreshing the page. No luck.
  5. Making sure no overriding styles being applied from Designer

What I Need:

  • Have any of you encountered this issue before?
  • Are there any workarounds or fixes that you can recommend?
  • Could it be a hosting issue, or is this something on my end that I’m missing?

Hi Haroon,

Webflow seems to be having some issues with webflow.io staging today so it could be related. If you view source on your page, look at the first link which is a comment with the published date.

That will tell you how old your staged site code is.

Outside of that, we’d need actual examples of what you’re expecting to happen that’s not happening, you haven’t given any real details. I’m not seeing any scripting errors though.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for helping. I updated my initial post with actual examples of what I’m expecting to happen. Hopefully the issues with staging get resolved because I am still seeing the same happen.

The Last Published states: Fri Sep 29 2023 00:13:36 GMT+0000 but it is not the correct version of the script

Obviously no one in the community can help you with Webflow server issues or system bugs, and like I mentioned they’re having issues today with webflow.io sites.

But personally I’d check to make sure you don’t have your code accidentally duplicated elsewhere, e.g. site-wide code or HTML embeds.

It seems unlikely to me that the publishing mechanism would update the date but keep old content on the page, so that seems like a more likely scenario.