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Webflow Scraped Page Hosting Issues

Hosting scraped webflow pages on our own website

Hi there,
So we have a paid plan and we also have the option to export code but since the export code option doesn’t allow cms and other functionality we are scraping the published webpage and deploying it on our own website . Can someone help me out and explain to me what issues can this cause ? I am not sure but i feel this is not the right approach and there could be future issues that we aren’t seeing yet

If there are some major concerns then we would decide to switch to webflow hosting and upgrade the plan

Welcome to the community, @Johns22! I’m glad that you’re here!

It’s likely that you’ll encounter quite a few issues by attempting this web scraping approach (please note that web scraping would be considered a breach of our Terms of Service).

A CMS site plan is required to access a site via the CMS to update/add blog post content. A lot functionality is happening server side and isn’t available without hosting directly with Webflow.

Can you give me a list of issues with specifics that we will encounter so that I can convey them to the team and we can switch to hosting directly from webflow . Also will there be any issues if we move to export code option ?