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Webflow says elements are red, regardless of the actual color

I posted about this a week ago. I was able to duplicate it using incognito, so it’s probably a bug.

I have an element that’s blue. It displays correctly, but when I click on it webflow says it’s red. Have no idea why. The reason it becomes an issue is when I want to know the exact value of the color and webflow doesn’t tell me.

Has anyone experienced something like this? It started occurring a few weeks ago.

Hi @Sanderhoff, I was having a little trouble finding the original post, could you please help to share the site read-only link?

Thanks in advance.

@magicmark Sure, here is the link. The blue element can be found under About Us and Support.

My earlier post said this.

“On top of that there are some other strange things happening. If I click on some styled elements, webflow will say that it’s a different color than it actually is. For instance, webflow will say a box is red, even though it’s actually grey.”

Hi @Sanderhoff

Thank you for sharing your read only link and letting us know about this bug.

I can confirm that I’ve been able to replicate this bug and I’m logging it as an issue for our developers to take a look at.

In the meantime, here is the actual colour settings you have as the solid colour overlay rgba(0, 120, 174, 0.85) just in case you couldn’t find it :slight_smile:

If you paste this in to the colour chart, save it as a swatch and that way you will be able to select it even when the designer shows the incorrect colour, see screenshot below:


I appreciate these issues can be frustrating and we’ll always look to fix them as soon as we can, so I just want to say thank you for taking the time to reply to help us find the issue :hiking_boot: :boom: :bug:

I’ll post back here once we have a fix for you.

Oh nice!! I didn’t even realize you could create swatches. Jesus, I could have saved so much time. Thanks for the info.

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You can create swatches to select at your leisure, or global swatches which change all instances. So if your colour theme is yellow throughout, and all instances of yellow are a global swatch, whether on buttons, backgrounds etc, you can just change the swatch and it updates site-wide.

I did find it unusual to see you didn’t have swatches :see_no_evil:

So many things I still stumble across now that I didn’t realise existed! :smiley:

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