Webflow RSS not working with Google News

Hi, I doubt anyone has an answer because I see this went unanswered, but I am having trouble with my RSS being recognized when I go to apply for Google News. It shows “1 empty section”

website: https://telos.style
RSS: www.telos.style/universe/rss.xml
blog: https://telos.style/universe


I’m not familiar with Publisher Center, but it’s something I’d meant to check for awhile, even though Google’s current guidance is that it is not needed.

Glancing at your screenshot, your first link isn’t showing a protocol, i.e. https:// and your second is not pointing to a feed. That might be ok but those would be my first suspicion.

I was able to submit my Webflow RSS feed pretty easily, though the Publisher interface is clunky and has some refresh issues. Basically ignore the empty section error, resolve everything else, and proceed through the rest of the process. It will resolve once Google’s caches update.

Not sure if it will pass review, but so far the preview is looking good.