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Webflow, Removing Billing info from account

Okay, so I just purchased hosting for my site, and I want to remove my billing info, such as credit card information from my account, is this possible?

Hi @MrInk You can remove your card at the bottom of this page:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Sorry for being slow, but I’m unable to see where.

Okay, I found it. If I remove the credit card, would I still have the cms plan I paid for?

yes you will :slight_smile:

Turns out I can’t, it says its due to me having an active subscription, I’m guessing they’re speaking of the cms plan I bought?

I checked with my team. My mistake. :bowing_man: You cannot remove your card details without cancelling your hosting subscription(s).

We had the same need.
It is filed it in wishlist here