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Webflow Reference for Content Creators

I’m a writer and would love to have a Webflow reference guide that I can quickly reference when writing a new blog post or article.

For example, I created a new blog post this morning, and was trying to determine what the significant was of the field “Feature Ranking”.

It would be great if there was a “?” icon for each field, which would explain the meaning of each field.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @JimIntriglia!

I guess you are using a specific Webflow template with some sort of CMS for content creators in it, and if so, then I’ll ask you to send a screenshot of the field which function you cannot understand.

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Hi @GeorgyDesign,
Thanks for your response. My assumption is that the “Feature Ranking” field is a standard Webflow data element, displayed in the web form when I am creating a new blog post. I’ve attached a screen shot of what I encountered this morning:

The “Feature Ranking” field may also be a custom field created by the Agency that created my web platform. I’ve sent a message to them, as well.

One resource I found via a web search was the Webflow CMS Reference, created by John Moore Williams. This virtual guide could be freely customized by web development agencies for their clients, in support of Writers and Editors, to address topics and questions of concern to content creators, rather than website developers.
Welcome to your CMS (

Well, you obviously have a template or a pre-defined website that was handed to you by the agency.

I do not know what the “Feature Ranking” field does exactly in your case but I suppose it is being used somewhere on the website for the sorting/filtering. I cannot tell you more about it because I need a read-only link for your website. You can send it here I’m the comments but I suppose the agency will tell you what is the meaning behind that field.

I hope you like Webflow, so let the community know if you have any other questions! :+1:

Yes, I just heard back from the Agency that this is a custom field. Appreciate your help and look forward to learning more about Webflow from the community, and contributing as I get up to speed.

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Great, I wish you enjoying Webflow and nice holidays :+1: