Webflow quadrupling 824kb mp4 size

Hey Everyone,

After some fiddling around with compression, I’ve gotten my video down to a 824kb mp4 using a h.265 10bit encoder in Handbrake. I’ve uploaded this to Webflow and checked lighthouse for improvement, but sadly, Webflow converted it so a massive (3.2mb) mp4 and (4.2mb) WebM. I get that it needs a fallback, so that’s OK, but why do they have to be 4/5 times the original size?

We require more info about how Webflow handles transcoding to adjust encoding properly.

@RoryVB - Until Webflow gives us the ability to leave properly optimized media files alone, we are forced to use custom code and host them ourselves which solves the problem of increased file size of the video assets. It’s a black box. Would be nice if they would be more technically transparent.

@webdev Custom code it is for now then!