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Webflow product roadmap for Search and E-Commerce


Just wondering if Webflow has any plans to release native support for global search within the CMS? I know there are examples posted on the forums on how to integrate Swiftype and other 3rd party search engines but I would prefer to have a native search option built into the Webflow CMS. Swiftypes cost per month also makes it very unattractive.

Also is there an estimated release date for the e-commerce functionality within CMS?

I checked out the CMS training videos the other day and I was very impressed with what it does, it looks great but there are still a couple more features that would help to round out the CMS. The two above features would be great.


Ecommerce Duplicate of: Webflow ecommerce coming soon?

Search Duplicate of: Search functionality

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Hello @leighelliott78,

Thanks for reach out with those questions! Let me try to answer your questions as much as I can :slight_smile:

Native Search Functionality
Currently there are few options on how to use Search Engines within Webflow. We have great tutorials on Swiftype integrations (link) and an amazing tutorial by our Community Expert @sabanna for Findberry integration (link).

Unfortunately we don’t have any native search widget directly in Webflow, but we have that on our roadmap. We have no ETA on that, because we want to make sure we’re delivering you great quality product rather than doing everything to give you functionality on time that could be broken.

Also in one of the recent Workshops @nelson spoke with Webflow CEO - Vlad, who said that we’ll be introducing API “soon” :slight_smile: More on that in the workshop to which I encourage you to watch!

E-commerce Solution
Ah yes! Long awaited functionality that we were thinking about. This is a HUGE thing, and we are aware that there are companies that specialise in that only. We hope to build it in the future, but no eta on that yet.

We highly recommend Foxy solution with their tutorial that you can find here: Responsive Ecommerce with in Webflow :slight_smile:

I hope this answers your questions, but feel free ask more! You can reach us directly at


Thanks Bart, appreciate the reply and detailed post. Yes lots of exciting changes appear to be in the pipeline, looking forward to the new features. I’ll check out the posts and video you provided also.

@leighelliott78 Let us know if we can help with anything on the ecommerce end.

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