Webflow preview looks great, but in Chrome Inspect and on my phone it looks terrible

This could be an issue with how I am using VH units on this design, but the webflow preview is more or less what I am going for here. Unfortunately, it looks nothing like the preview on my actual phone (Samsung S8, Chrome browser)


I had this issue before, and it had to do with adding a Min or Max height, or width. Since theres so many different size devices out there. Try adding a minimum height to your divs and see if that helps.

Welp, back to pixels for me, thanks for your help!

You’re welcome, and you can still use View Height/Width, just put in a Min or Max pixel or percentage. I asked this same question on one of the old Webflow live workshops.

Ya, the problem I ran into that was the vertical alignment (I was using line height) and a whole slew of other issues with different devices. I was naive to think VH was going to cure everything that ailed me.

I just realized that I should’ve cloned the example because now it will be changing.

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