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Webflow practice site issues?

Hi there. I’ve been trying to get into webflow and practice on the free version for the moment. But all I seem to encounter is glitches and bugs? Does anyone else have this problem with the free version?

I lose sections, div’s, titles, you name it. Animations fail to load. I just tried to practice horizontal scroll. Working fine, then all of a sudden it sticks.

On the included page for example. There is an effect on the title on top of the first image. Was working fine. Now nothing happens. Are the practice pages limited to size? Hopefully, the main paid version of webflow runs better than the free version. Otherwise would have to consider alternatives.

If anyone can tell me if the horizontal scroll and title animation loads their end?

Thanks a million!

There is no different version of Webflow, only limitations by plan.

Thanks for your comments.

I seem to be having a lot of issues with it. Not much in the way of support from webflow. Is there a direct email or contact I can use?

Also, I’m not sure if one of the animations is stuck. As it seems to be prompting me to save it every time a try a new one. Yet it doesn’t let me save? Has anyone came across this problem?

Many thanks.

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