Webflow portfolio dark to light modes

I just watched this section of the webflow portfolio tutorial and understand that to create light mode I change the colors of each page. What I do not understand is what to do after I change the colors from dark to light. I’d dig some more info. thank you!

Also, if I do not use cms will the dark/light modes be compromised? I’m looking at setting up static pages intead of cms.


What is it that you are trying to do?

You might be misunderstanding the tutorial as a “how to build a dark mode / light mode switcher”, which is not what I think the video covers. It’s just a one way style conversion, permanently.

If you’re trying to build a dark mode / light mode switcher, you might find some tutorials here in the forum, or cloneables in made-in-webflow. Otherwise you’ll need to learn JS, CSS and probably CSS variables.

Ah, ya. I thought it was going to be a tutorial on how to build the dark/light mode switcher.