Webflow plugins (looking for a groupon-group buying type of plugin)

Hey I’m looking to put together a website that will allow group buying type of activities (not a deal site lol). I’d love to use webflow to make the site as I’m predominantly a designer with little code skills. Are there any plugins with this group buying type of functions available on webflow? If not how would you guys that are more experienced with webflow suggest that I go about doing this? Would it even be possible using webflow? Thanks in advance for any help, I’m completely new to this platform (I’m coming from Wix, which sucked lol). Thanks again.

Webflow allows you to create static webpage. If you want to make it dynamic and add some scripts to it you can always design your site, export code and implement those scripts you wish. It’s easier to add some js/php scripts when you have a website designed.

You can Embed anything in Webflow. So if you find an online service with a plugin you can embed on your site there you go!!


You can also take a look at the CrowdHoster API: http://www.crowdhoster.com/


Awesome suggestion @callmevlad