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Webflow + Perch CMS

Here’s a celebrity booking/ talent management site built entirely in Webflow then I used Perch as the CMS so clients could add new talents, update team, add events,and update profiles and music then link them to the corresponding thumbnails.Oh and I also used tumblr for the blog Staging site :

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DId the Perch Integration went smoothly or did you have to work hard on that?

Account suspended

is something wrong with your webhost?

I can’t see anything either………

Yikes that was my error everything is fixed now . Yes working with perch was very straight forward. I did hit a snag when trying to build a custom field but the help team over there is incredibly fast. I will be using perch on all my future builds

This page was a huge help

Can Perch handle something like an “Employee Contact Us” page ?

For example: 7 Employees listed with a photo and a bio.

Client needs to delete 2 Employees, add 1 Employee with photo, and reorganize the list ?

Absolutely! so they way I have it set up is the client can add additional artists , move them around in any order , and they can link a page to that image.

Here you can see that they can all be reorganized, renamed etc , duplicated because I’ve made those regions repeatable elements

Thx :smile:

Here’s a little more detail…
What you have above is an single editable screen.

What about in a display grid format ?
…where you see 6 or 7 employees

The only way I can see this done (for example)

  • is to add 7 rows of similar date

But what happens when they need to add an 8th employee

  • or remove 1 making the total 6 ?

I’m guessing - like with wordpress… you would have 1 edit screen

  • then use a php script to display each individual record

I’m looking to stay away from the php script part.