Webflow pages "There has been a critical error on your website." error


I have just updated the Webflow pages plugin on wordpress, only to get this error:

When I deactivate the plugin, the error disappears. What could be the issue?

I can see the plugin was updated 40mins ago:

Kindly assist.

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I can duplicate this. Hosting on Bluehost. Running 5.4.2 same behavior for all default WP themes.

Hey @jacisjake

I fixed this issue by rolling back to version version 1.0.4 from version 1.0.5

Iā€™m sure the dev team will fix it at some point, but for now you can use Webflow Pages version 1.0.4

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Thanks for the update Joel. I upgraded to a hosted plan as this was destroying me with moonlighting clients and a job search. My fingers are crossed that the CMS product is all that marketing promises.

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