Webflow Pages on Wordpress - how is the caching handled?

Hello, I’m using the Webflow plugin on Wordpress, and I’m not sure how I should be setting up my caching.

I’ve gathered that Wordpress fetches the pages from Webflow and uses some kind of caching, but I can’t find anything about how I can change settings for it - or if it’s possible at all.

If I install a cache plugin, will it affect the Webflow pages?

What happens when I publish a change or a new CMS item on Webflow, does it flush the cache?

Anyone know? :slight_smile:

@Fonsume - Those are great questions. The documentation is sparse. I was initially interested in how an individual page was getting pulled since it is not in a collection that we can access via the API.

I imagine we (community) will need to test this ourselves and report back our findings. If you want to collaborate on this I would help. Or we could waittttttttt for Webflow to tell us. At least we have the source to view.

Not even sure where to begin on testing it out to be honest :slight_smile:

What I do know though, is that Webflow isn’t behind the plugin at all actually. It’s Udesly that’s developed everything. Maybe we should hear with them.

Welp, seems like something went south on our page, and it might’ve been due to the caching (and lack of documentation).

So our site unexpectedly went down last night during a time with almost no load. The API key was removed from the plugin and an API Rate Limit error shown, which makes little sense.

Talking to support now. Really wish this had better documentation… :disappointed: