Webflow OPTIONS field and filtering posts for display

Hello Everyone,

I have a couple of questions which I hope the community can help me with.

  1. I would like to know if it’s possible to use the “Options” field as in the screenshot below to filter what is displayed in CMS list? http://view.gcse.co.uk/1644764714.png

So, this for the admin to filter what is displayed via the setting, see screenshot: http://view.gcse.co.uk/1644764940.png - not for user to filter.

So, can I in theory create several options fields. And add several filters via the admin filter so a narrow result is displayed? Is this possible?

  1. Secondly, when I search for material on filters, the majority of filter tutorials I see is like this http://view.gcse.co.uk/1644765263.png using additional CMS lists as reference fields like categories. Which method do you recommend? Using the options field is it possible to create a filter that allows customers to filter view items?

  2. Lastly, I am building site with a lot of content - course content. I know many people don’t recommend using Webflow for sites with a lot of content. But I do like the ease of Webflow. I know many people say there is a huge learning curve with Webflow, but I don’t think its more than WP. However, I do have a fear. I know in theory on the basic plan you can have up 2,000 collects in each CMS, I am wondering would it slow down your site if you got to 800 plus on a CMS? The search function is really important for me and I plan to use search.io with Webflow. Am I better of splitting the content into several CMS’s? Advice from more experienced people with Webflow really welcome.

Thank you.

It’s so frustrating not getting replies on Webflow’s on community forum. Now I have to raise a ticket. I would have thought as a business it would be a no brainer to have support issues dealt with via the forum as opposed to taking up the time of support agents.