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Webflow.oi not publish correctly

Hello there,

I have an issue with a project not updating on the Webflow.oi domain. My updates are not publishing the test link and have not done so for a day.

Can someone help me figure this bug out or point me in the right direction to a channel that can help me here?

Read link below:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Any help on the would-be greatly appreciated on this.

Hey @SHAUN656,

I’d love to try and help, but even from a read-only link it’s difficult to see the areas that relate to this type of thing. I don’t want to point out excessively obvious things either, but I’d of course double check that the staging domain name you have is valid in your general settings within project settings. If it is, maybe try selecting “Unpublish” from the publish to domain drop down, then confirm it is unpublished at the URL. If it is, re-publish it, and check the URL. Maybe try changing your staging domain, maybe you tried these things already.

Could you explain further what is happening? When you click publish is it infinitely loading? Or are you finding that it shows a successful publish, but not updating at the link?

I’m sure we can find an answer for you.


I’m having the same problems, been like this for a few days now. Some, not all, changes I’m making aren’t publishing. I am trying to link Articles in the Nav Bar to the Articles?Main page but it simply won’t do it.

Hello @Andrew_Coderre,

Thanks for your advice, I did try your suggestions before the posting. However, the URL seems to be publishing correctly now.

I’m happy to send anymore details to a team member for review if it will help this bug. But for now the URL is publishing correctly.


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