Webflow official link question

Hello, folks. When I search after Webflow on Google, the first result is [Webflow.com - Webflow® - Official - Webflow - Easy & Fast], which I assume is the official site, but the link says [https://webflow.com/?gspk=dG9ueWxhdTYwNjg&subid=4400b78cd2d91dc9c52cd2ddc1f2b3ae&utm_medium=affiliate]. The last part got me a bit suspicious “affiliate”, is it someone paying to get their affiliate link to get ranked number 1? Is that even possible? Just wondering, thanks!

I’m not sure about the specifics of what you’re seeing in your search results, but Webflow does have an affiliate program:

I’d imagine the “subid” portion is the actual affiliate code — the “affiliate” part of the link you reference is a UTM tracking parameter for analytics.

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I see the title “Webflow.com - Webflow® - Official - Webflow - Easy & Fast” and then a link as a subheading “https://webflow.com”, but when I click it and look at the link at the top, it says “https://webflow.com/?gspk=dG9ueWxhdTYwNjg&subid=ee1c776198d71f13412512331f9715e0&utm_medium=affiliate”.

I would call myself a beginner, so ““subid” portion” and “UTM tracking parameter” is something I have no clue of. Thank you for helping!