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Webflow Off-Site File Server Requirements

Hi everyone. I am brand new here and have no clue how to go about asking this question as I am not a developer or designer so please be gentle. Our marketing team is looking to implement a webflow site and they are doing their work. They have asked us (IT Infrastructure) to provide them with a file server to be able to host files from (seems easy enough).

My question… are there any requirements for me as far as hosting their files that I need to know? I cannot find any documentation on the site about hosting files from our own servers, the requirements, etc. The marketing team only mentioned that they have files that are over 12MB in size along with some custom javascript libraries that they need to put on the server which is completely fine. I just don’t know if there are any requirements as far as how the server should be built, how do I secure communication traffic, etc.

Can anyone point me in a good direction?


Most likely, they’re going to need an SSL repository. I think they’re going to link files they can’t yet host on Webflow (can be videos, or any unsupported file), and/or entire structures in order to embed on Webflow things they can’t yet create there. Most likely, their Webflow hosted sites will be SSL so the linked resources and embeded content need to be SSL.

It’s unclear to me if they want to export their code from Webflow and host it on your server, entirely. But if it’s the case, there’s nothing you should prepare: they won’t need PHP, nor MySQL… they won’t need any database system as every CMS and ecommerce site on Webflow can’t be exported and have to be hosted by Webflow .

Really the only thing to prepare for them is a fast and simple way to add files to the repo. For example, FTP with a client isn’t really a fast and simple way :slight_smile: You should enquire a bit more about their needs and provide modern solutions for them in order to streamline their process. For example, if they need a server to quickly drop files and get their link, well do just this, a page where they can drag and drop something and get their url in return.

Don’t hesitate to come back with more details!

Thanks a ton for the information Vincent. I will take this back to the marketing team and do some follow up inquiry.