Webflow Oauth help

Hey guys,

I am trying to authorize stripe connect to build a marketplace style ecommerce store.

I am needing to authorize the user’s credentials.

Basically I"m trying to add this to the site

curl https://connect.stripe.com/oauth/token \
  -d client_secret=sk_test_7OLMy5j1fcwqERa5ZpedLUQM \
  -d code="{AUTHORIZATION_CODE}" \
  -d grant_type=authorization_code

I see the documentation to do this here


but i am very confused. How do I set this up? Where do i put this code? there are 0 instructions on either site for this. I just have code snippets which are useless unless i know where to put them! HELP

The documentation is for the WF API, which needs to run on a server, not your front end Webflow site. Your front end site could talk to an endpoint you build using the API. Stripe connect libraries run on Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Node, Go, .NET, iOS and Android.

You could explore Zapier. I have not.

Ok I can easily deploy this code on a server. Is there any documentation anywhere on how to set that up?

The documentation for each API is published. Webflow provides examples. Whatever programming language you decide to use has tuts all over the web on how to use restful API’s. If this is new to you may consider to hire a developer.