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Webflow now available on Chromebooks via the Chrome Web Store

Hey guys, we just made Webflow available through the Chrome Web Store! It’s now easier than ever to get started with Webflow if you’re using a Chromebook!

If you’re a Webflow user, we’d love you to rate the application - which will help us stand out from the other apps in the store and possibly get featured. Please feel free to be honest with your ratings/reviews :smiley:

Please go to and leave your review on the Reviews tab.

Note: The Webflow experience is exactly the same on a Chromebook as it is on Windows/Mac via Chrome. If you see any differences or missing/broken features, please let us know by emailing


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This is great!! Is it gonna be possible in the future to run Webflow in separate window, like Google Keep?

We considered it but external links would not be clickable in Preview mode and opening the site in a new tab after publishing would have the same issue. We figured that would be a problem.

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