Webflow not showing all assets in different browsers other than chrome

Hey guys.

Been working in my first portfolio as my first project on webflow. Just noticed that opening my published site in other browsers (other than chrome, where I worked in) won’t show the last “blue” section (“parallax scroll”) Don’t know if it’s anything to do with me just using the free version. Everything in this project is made in webflow, I have not used code.

I’m also starting to apply for jobs so having this issue might be an issue. All help is appreciated

Read-Only Webflow - Miguel Bolivar Portfolio

Edit: Sorry for the spaghetti in advance. Published site: https://miguel-bolivar-portfolio.webflow.io/

It would be helpful if you could share a published URL to the page so inspection in a browser is possible.


Sorry about that. https://miguel-bolivar-portfolio.webflow.io/

FIXED: After a long time, I made it work. I had to add another section at the end of the page.

I would like to know why tho, if anyone could explain why this interaction happens (or rather doesn’t happen) on different browsers.