Webflow not publishing!

I’m currently unable to publish.

It says ‘Published successfully!’ when clicked but no changes are made to the site.

It also says ‘Published a day ago’.

Pretty big bug here!

Any one else?

What website domain?

It is http://londonsneaker.school

But in troubleshooting I unpublished the site and now can’t publish it again. So it’s down. Nightmare!

It says its published successfully but there are no changes to the site.

Screenshot 2022-12-22 at 23.24.10

This is quite urgent for our business! Any help greatly appreciated.

I have recently added User Account features which I know are in beta. Without an indication of an error message I’m at a bit of a loss though!

I am lucky to have found this as quickly as I did.

There was a link that uses conditional visibility based on user state.

When I deleted it the site would publish again.

Seems like a buggy feature. Watch out!

Whoa, good discovery Jase, I’ve just tried reproducing that here but mine are publishing fine. I’ll keep an eye out for that though and share this in the BETA forum if I see anyone else experience the same thing. Thanks for sharing!

I’m currently having the same issue with a site that’s supposed to go live in two days. PLEASE HELP WEBFLOW!!!