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Webflow not publishing to the homepage

Hi, I am new to webflow and took over from the previous designer. Every time I make changes to our registration form and publish them, the domain redirects to the registration section on the home page rather than the top of the home page.

Could someone help me recognise if I am doing something wrong? I’ve had to restore previous backups to have the proper home page load but now am afraid to make any changes

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Are you refreshing a URL with a #anchor in it on your browser?

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Can you share the published URL of the website? I suspect Vincent’s idea is spot on here, but I can investigate for you if you share the published website. (If it’s not published to a domain, publish to your domain and I’ll take a look from there!)

Hi, I have been refreshing it but not with the #anchor. Could you help walk me through it please?

Hi Su,

Very nice website btw,

I don’t see any problem navigating it, can you point me exactly where you have issues on the homepage? Maybe a screenshot, or better, a screencast (video capture) will help me understand and guide you efficiently.

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