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Webflow not opening properly on mobile devices specially chrome

How can i redirect my contact form to and email address instead of URL link? Also Google Chrome on mobile devices is not fully responsive when I open the site on Chrome on iphone and I press the Nav bar it seems to double click the nav bar making it chose the home section and refreshing the page every time I open it. I figure is it a glitch of some sort?
Also the Navbar on mobile seems to not fully show the pages as i cant scroll it down or have the Nav bar show the full height on mobile so it could show every page. any suggestions I would appreciate it :smiley:

Hi @ctkruger

Are you looking for a way to have the form’s data be sent to your email?

i tested it out on my phone, seems like you already figured out the solution? if so, great job! :smile:

Maybe try lowering down your nav link’s line height when in a mobile breakpoint. :smile:

Good luck, have fun

Yea I want the data to be sent to email :smiley: did you test it on iphone or android? Because it seems its working fine on androids lol but thanks alot for getting back to me :smile:

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