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Webflow + No-code web scraper

Hey everyone,

I’m working on an exciting, new, no-code development platform that will help make your efforts even easier! I’ve been a full-stack developer for the past 15+ years but recently moved to the no-code space after seeing software development teams need to write code to solve the same problems over and over (and over!). My new service, Byteline, will give you easy access and support for commonly-used services like databases, security, user sign ups, access control and more.

What I love about Webflow is the ease it provides in building a web site. This takes that one step further by providing an easily configurable backend for a Webflow site!

Our current showcase demonstrates only one of our services, Web Scraper. This showcase scrapes COVID-19 information from worldometer, syncs to Webflow CMS, and then displays on a Webflow page. We will keep updating it for other, no-code services that are useful and easily triggered from Webflow sites.

Check it out at:

Thanks for your time! I’d love to hear what you think.

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Thanks for sharing @dpstechy