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Webflow New Order Webhook not firing

We have been receiving orders since 5/31/19 and the site has recognized and completed orders on every day since however, the e-commerce new order trigger has stopped firing on 6/2/19 for no apparent reason. When I check the integration page to view the webhook it says last used 6/2/19 even though the site has had many more orders since then.

On a separate note, it seems like there still isn’t a way to create a new order webhook in the GUI, option drop downs are for form submission and site publish only.

Hi @Kenji_Suzaki

That definitely sounds like unexpected behavior. Can you please provide more information?

Please reference the posting guidelines if you aren’t sure what details to share.

Specifically if you could provide the following as well:

  • Site URL
  • Confirmation that payment provider is setup correctly
  • Confirmation that Stripe hasn’t been rejecting orders
  • Any confirmation that there have been orders since 6/2 and if the payments have been processed


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