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Webflow needs to support zapier line items

I’m in this battle as well now. Still not having great success.

Hi Shane,

As mentioned, while Webflow doesn’t support line items, the functions are there to push purchased items through to shipping, accounting, POS etc using Zapier or Integromat. I actually don’t have a store I can test on at present. I’m doing a bit of consulting in this area if needed.

The problem with using the formatter in Zapier is that the data within “purchased items” is not comma-separated, and it is also not bundled into separate variables with similar data.

I figured it out through Integromat, but I need to use Zapier to connect Webflow to Shipbob. I don’t want to have to bring everything through Shipstation first!!

Please make these items separate variables Webflow!!!

Mate, I’m deliberately rusty on Zapier. All the same, I don’t think non comma shouldn’t be end game. Can you use Replace or specify the data model when you setup the webhook (you are using a webhook yeah?).