Webflow Native Pagination Accessibility

Hi Webflow Community!

I’m looking for a solution to make the Webflow native pagination within a Collection List accessible. There are two issues that I’m trying to solve that have been flagged by a third party accessibility auditing company.

Issue #1
When the ‘next’ button is clicked, a user isn’t notified that a change has been made to the Collection List section on the page

Issue #2
After clicking the ‘next’ button, if a keyboard user presses ‘tab’ on their keyboard - the newly displayed content isn’t the next selected content. The user would have to tab through the entire page in order to target the new content on the page.

I currently have the F’nSweet ‘Load more’ attribute loaded on this page which was flagged as inaccessible for the same reasons I listed above. I’m hopeful that there will be more solutions available if I revert back to the native Webflow pagination component, however, I’m open to any and all solutions for either the F’nSweet or Webflow components.

All the best,
Nick Spera

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Pear Deck

NOTE: The section in question is the last section which currently hidden within the home page of the website - in order to view the issues please unhide that section within the read-only link.