Webflow mobile shows different to actual mobile view?


I’m having issues with my slider at bottom of my site which I created, it shows and works fine when viewing it on webflow mobile, however when I view it on an actual mobile device it doesn’t show?

Here is my share link;


link: http://born-beautiful.webflow.io/

Hi @Matty

I took a look at your site on my Nexus 6 and was able to swipe left and right on your slider. It works for me.

Can you try swiping and see if that works?



It seems when I visit the website using http://born-beautiful.webflow.io/ it works fine on mobile, however when I export the site it doesnt work.

Here is the exported site URL


Can anyone test it to see if they are receiving the same issue? I’ve checked it on iphone 6s & Samsung Galaxy 5

I can only think of it as a bug, as it couldn’t be a device issue as it works on the non exported URL?


Both sites look god to me, om iPad pro.

Ps: why don’t you have your logo as SVG?


Thanks for taking time to look, on the exported URL does the slider at bottom of the page fully show?

Regards to the logo, thats not the official logo was just something to fill in the space :smile:


Yeah it does!

And this for the 20 characters :smile:


Hello Dave,

I made those changes which you gave me however since I made those changes it has removed some of the slides? it only displays 3 now instead of 6.


Anyone got any ideas?


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