Webflow Membership - User Logged In


I am building a Job Board website and I would like to know. how I can findout that user has Logged in… at the moment, I can not display the name or email of the user that is logged In.

is there a way I can access the membership function like e.g isLoggedInUser() or something similar.


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Hi @Theme_Press

They don’t have that yet, natively. It’s something they announced to be releasing soon. So it should be coming.

If you have an immediate need you can look to see if a cookie exists:

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 6.49.55 AM

If it does you know the user is logged in but you won’t get their name or email from this.

If you join the Membership Beta Community (separate forum) many folks have posted example Javascript code for different situations that you can use for now.

I don’t know if we are allowed to post that on this main forum or not otherwise I would :grimacing:

Hope that helps.

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