Webflow Membership Meta Tags

I’m playing around with Webflow Membership currently and i’m wondering…

Is it possible to add dynamic meta tags that is related to Membership?

Example: On Account Page i would like to add a heading where it says “Good Morning %name%!” %name% would be Username of the registred account.

Is this possible? This is a great way to make certain pages feel more personal towards the user.

Hey Pedro, welcome to the community.

If you check the email you received when you were added to the Memberships Beta, there is a link to a separate Memberships forum. 99% of the discussions are there.

You’ll get a much more detailed response. When I last checked, this was a feature the team was working on.

Unfortunately you can’t do that right now with Webflow Memberships. I’m sure they’ll make what you’re asking for work at some point.