Webflow/Media Boxes Integration Issues

So I’ve created a webflow site and used a simple java script plugin called Media Boxes.

I created a filtered photo gallery that integrates with webflow cms. User uploads a photo and the category tag is assigned accordingly. However, I’m having issues that I can’t solve for the life of me. Some of the filters aren’t pulling all of the photos associated with that category. For example on the past events page houston isn’t showing all uploaded photos and Tony Bennett isn’t showing any photos at all.

Here is the share link

Thanks for any help you may be able to give.

Not sure what’s going on but when I clicked on Tony Bennett I got a couple of images showing so not sure if you’ve perhaps got this working now?

Best wishes,


It’s not working completely yet. I’m just having to delete the original cms posts and recreate them. Then they show, but everytime I do another batch get’s removed.

Anyone else see anything I’m missing here. I’ve rebuilt the page completely and it’s still not publishing all photos. I’ve reached out to the media boxes guy and we’ve narrowed the problem down to something in the way webflow is publishing the dynamic code via the HTML block.