Webflow - Make - Sendinblue

I try to send the data from a Newsletter form from webflow via Make (Integromat) to Sendinblue. All data is submitted between the systems but only the option field for salutation (Frau / Herr) is not.

If I match the field in make, I get an error.

I matched the data like this:

  • Is there an ID for the value of the form field in Webflow that I can match?
    Does someone know how to solve this problem?

Many thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Praxisdruckpunkt

Looks like you have the correct ID based upon your read-only project and the fact that you can see the value of SALUTATION in Make.

The problem looks like it’s on Sendinblue’s end.

I’d play with change the ID from all capitals and give it a new, random name like “testme123”. Then add some new values in there as well.

Resubmit the form and see if it still triggers the Sendinblue error.

If it does, hop over to the Sendinblue site, look for the API, and see what that error message means on their end.

Hope that helps!

At the API level, SendInBlue does like a lot of mail providers; a Contact is an email, and then a bunch of arbitrary attribute like name, etc.

You have to make sure the attributes you want to use are actually defined in your SiB account, so have a look there. You may not have a SALUTATION attribute. Even FNAME and LNAME must be present.

Many thanks for your help and your hints. In Sendinblue the fields are defined in capitals.

That’s why I have the ID in Webflow in capital letters. Doesn’t that have to match?

Many thanks for your help. In Sendinblue I have the attribute as in the picture below.

All other fields of the form are submitted. Only the Salutation field results in an error. Do you have an idea?
Many thanks.

I’ve never used Sendinblue but yes, I’d assume that would have to be an exact match.

What stands out to me, in your screenshot, is the ones that currently work are of attribute type “text” whereas the one that fails is of attribute type “category” (which has a different button than the other category type - something is different about it).

Play around with that. Match the ones that work to the one that doesn’t.

Also, did you look at what that error message means from their API docs?

Chris alluded to this as well- my guess would be that the salutation you’re trying to submit does not exist in your Category list that you have assigned to your SALUTATIONs. The API call is failing because it cannot add the contact information you’ve provided.

For what you’re doing I’d guess SALUTATION should be changed to attribute type Text

If that doesn’t work you’ll want to contact Make.com support, or SendInBlue supporrt, since they can see inside of your API transaction better.