Webflow Logic - Incoming Webhook

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement a Webflow’s webhook inside an Airtable’s table, but while I’m pasting an URL in a browser’s tab I get: Cannot GET logic/XXXXXX. I have different experience with a Zapier’s webhook with a success status while testing.

Is it because there is a need to change a method from GET to POST in an external service provider (Airtable in this case)? What is the cause of the problem?


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I have not experimented with Logic’s inbound webhooks recently but the last time I did, I needed to use POST, and also to specify a request header of Content-Type: application/json in order for Logic to receive my trigger event successfully.

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I many not be following you, but you can skip the middle layer (Logic, Zapier, etc…) and all the complexity that goes along with by just going straight to Airtable.

Airtable now has Webhooks.

Here’s a walk through of how that works and how to quickly set it up if you’re interested:

Hope that helps!

Michael, thanks for that.

You are right, I’ve used Postman to use POST and it worked out. So, it’s not as seamless as Airtable’s or Make’s webhooks.