Webflow Logic - How to connect software

How do I connect my third party software with the new Webflow Logic feature?
The documentation that I found here doesn’t show how you connect your software.

Thank you very much.

You’d need to use the “Make HTTP Request” action to call your softwares API.

Thank you @ChrisDrit. And then what?
Is there any article on this?
Would also be curious to know what softwares work and to what degree.
Thank you.

Doing this is rather advanced TBH. When you do what I’ve suggested you’re calling a 3rd party services API. So you would have to:

  1. Know the service (software) you want to integrate with.
  2. Review their API docs to understand how to do it (it’ll be different for every service).

Any software that gives you API access, and to what degree depends upon what that software service allows you to do with their API.

Do you have a service you’d like to integrate with as an example?

I looking into something for Active Campaign and also for Crelate.

This is what you’re looking for to get started: Create an account

You’d make API requests from Webflow Logic to Active Campaign using those API requests.

Good luck!