Webflow List Orders Params (API)

Hey, I have a website that I’m trying to pull orders from. I want to select a date and start grabbing orders in that date. I noticed reading the API documentation that the call has some params, but nothing for a date. I can’t find anything about adding a date to orders. Looking for guidance on that.

@Michael_Smith3 - unfortunately I don’t think you can do this with the current API version, see this wishlist item:


Which was merged with this item:


Unfortunately with Webflow this could come in a year or possibly never as you can read through many threads about the state of the wishlist and Webflow’s attention (or lack thereof) to it.

My recommendation would be to create some sort of middle layer that pulls the entire order collection, most likely filtered by status so that you don’t have to pull every record and then build a function to sort through them based on the acceptedOn value. You could then output all of the matching order IDs to a new object and loop through those to do what you need.

Is that helpful?

Yea, that’s pretty helpful. Thanks for responding!
This is my first project working with the web flow API. I can’t say I’m eager to work with more companies because I can’t seem to rely on basic API functions. Working with Webflow feels like whenever you have to rely on that GitHub repo that last updated 2 years ago, has 10 stars, and has a two paragraph read me.