Webflow landing page very laggy

I am working on a landing page I have completed this but my client say that " Hi Moheen, did you test the landing page on your end? It’s very laggy. ". Any one can explain this

landing page https://landing-page-698482.webflow.io/

The link is not working, can you update it?
Then I will have a look at the performance!


Does the page feel laggy to you?

Lighthouse is happy, it seems. For me the page would be interactive after about 1400ms, so not bad at all!

Why do you have the spinner animation though?
It seems to serve no purpose as the page is shown the very first frames and then the spinner overlay kicks in? There’s no heavy library being loaded or large tasks being run the main thread!

Removing the spinner might make the page feel faster?
People have varying definitions of performance…

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